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We are the exclusive agents for Thomas Broadbent & Sons for their chemical and sugar products.....
To the right are the images of the first designed and enginered Thomas Broadbent warrantied BATCH centrifuge baskets to fit on a competitors unit at the largest sugar refinery in Durban. Typically our competitors manufacture baskets that have half the life of the original ROBUST "hooped" baskets of yester year that traditionally last more than 10 years. Thomas Broadbent have not changed its robust basket design in the last 30 years.

Process Perfection

Bespoke Decanter Solutions for abrasive & Extreme Conditions.. Chemical Peelers for specific aplications.. Standard High Speed decanters for Food Processing... Sladge, Mud & Water Reticulation...

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Thomas Broadbent - With the highly experienced process engineers employed at this 150 year old company based in Huddersfield factory in the United Kingdom - almost any process solution can be solved.

ZivoZest Pty Ltd.

Process Perfection - South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania

ZivoZest represents Thomas Broadbent & Sons on their range of chemical decanter centrifuges, Chemical peelers, Batch and Continuous Sugar centrifuges, Mud & Sludge decanters, Water reticulation, high speed decanters for food processing along with bespoke units for difficult and unusual process aplications.

Represents Fontaine Continuous Sugar Screens and MUD filter screens.

Represents CORE a new inovation developed in Denmark.


ZivoZest offers a range of refurbishment options for critical parts specifically for the sugar industry (mainly centrifugal baskets).

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