Advanced Process Control

Stable Sustainable Savings

CORE Products
• Preheater: CORE-HEAT
• Dryer: CORE-DDRY
• Press: CORE-PRS
• Evaporator: CORE-EVAP
• Decanter: CORE-DEC
CORE supplies control solutions as software modules on a standard PLC with standard protocols. The CORE project plan leaves the client with clear instructions and interfaces. Follow-up monitoring by CORE specialists assures clients long-term gains.
CORE Benefits
• Energy savings
• Higher yields
• Improved quality
• Increased capacity
• Less maintenance
How can I be sure it works?
• CORE specialists only enter projects with a payback period less than a year
• CORE supplies a clear and simple interface, which is easily installed without disturbing production; this ensures high security and reliability
• CORE’s patented control software has improved the operation of industrial machines in many European countries CORE Headquarters
• CORE’s advanced process control increases stability, reduces variations and improves general sustainability

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